Q. Where are Golden Rose products manufactured?

A. Golden Rose products are manufactured in Turkey.


Q. Are Golden Rose products Halal certified?

A. Yes Golden Rose products are 100% Halal certified.


Q. What are Halal cosmetics?

A. Halal cosmetics are products that are free from non permissible alcohol and animal content according to the law of Islam.


Q. Are Golden Rose products HSA certified?

A. All Golden Rose products are HSA certified.


Q. Which countries do you ship your products to?

A. At the moment, we only ship within Singapore.


Q. Which logistics companies do you use for shipment?

A. We use Singpost Normal Mail with a flat fee of $2.50 and Singpost Registered Mail with a flat fee of $4.00. Any order above $50.00 will be shipped free.


Q. What if I am based in countries near Singapore and want to purchase Golden Rose products?

A. Write to us and if there is enough demand, we will create a distribution point in that particular country.


Q. Will I be able to return my purchase?

A. Unfortunately no. We only accept returns in the case of damage.